Properly Maintaining Your Septic Tank

How To Properly Maintain Your Septic Tank

There are many things a homeowner or property owner can do to educate themselves on their septic system, it’s operation and it’s regular maintenance.  If you own a home with a septic system otherwise known as an onsite waste water treatment system or plan on buying a home with a septic system then it’s important to know and understand what you can do to help prevent costly system failure while under your watch.

When you aren’t hooked up to city sewer, you are 100% responsible for the care and upkeep of your onsite wastewater treatment system (septic system).  If there is a problem (usually due to poor maintenance or neglect) then it’s on the property owner to ensure it’s repaired or replaced.  Failure to properly maintain your septic system could eventually lead to repair or replacement of the entire system that could cost in excess of $15,000  $30,000 or more.

Important Note: For homeowners in the Greater Victoria area who are new to septic systems and would like to educate themselves on required maintenance and basic knowledge of how the system operates the CRD offers FREE 2 hour Septic Saavy Workshops you can attend.  Click Here To Learn More.

Here Are 6 Things You DO Want To Do To Properly Maintain Your Septic System

#1.  If you are buying a home, or already live in a home and you don’t know where the location of the septic system is, you should consider getting or making your own diagram of the system layout.  You should know the location of your septic tanks, the tops of which can often be buried on older, established properties.  You should also know the location of any clean-outs, the distribution box and also the location of your leech or dispersal field.

Knowing the location of these items can save you money when a professional comes to inspect, maintain or pump-out your system.  Exposing the tank lids for example, if they are buried can cost an additional $50-$150 dollars in labor if the septic professional must do this work.  It’s something simple you can do to save money on inspections and services.

#2.  Do try and obtain or keep accurate records for the septic system.  When it was installed, subsequent inspection results, pump-out dates and receipts, repair receipts should all be kept and stored in a safe place.  The reality of a homeowner doing this is about zero, we understand that, but we’re telling you from experience a well documented septic system can save you from headaches and indecision regarding the system in the future.

#3.  Do install an effluent filter if you don’t already have one on your septic system. Special filters are available for retrofitting to an older, existing tank. The effluent filter will help keep solids out of your dispersal system, and your system will last longer.  Remember, the septic filter is cheap insurance and protects your dispersal field which is the most expensive part of your system.

#4.  Do arrange to have your septic tank pumped every 3 to 5 years or at a frequency that would be appropriate for the amount of people in your household and the amount of use your septic system receives.  If you don’t know what the interval should be you can always ask us and we’ll tell you.  Keep in mind, it’s best to ask when we’re doing an actual pump-out of your septic tank so we can see the actual conditions of the tank and system and give you an accurate answer.

#5.  Do practice water conservation as much as possible. Limit the number of high water usage activities done consecutively or at the same time. For example, spread out your laundry washing over the week and avoid running the dishwasher, lawn sprinkler or shower/bath all at the same time.  Too much water can overwhelm a septic tank, forcing solids into the leech field.

#6.  Do use non-toxic, bio-degradable cleaners and chemicals throughout your home.  Using harmful chemicals to clean sinks, toilets and showers/bathtubs can kill the beneficial bacteria in your septic tank, causing solids to build up and then you will need to have your tank pumped more often.

Proper care and maintenance of your septic system will ensure years of trouble free use and will help you avoid potentially big repair or replacement costs in the future.

Get A Second Opinion If Your Septic System Has Problems!

If your septic system is causing you trouble it’s always good to get more than one opinion as to what the best course of action might be.  If you are one of the unlucky homeowners who’s experiencing a problem with their septic system make sure you get a 2nd opinion!  It could save you thousands upon thousands of dollars and prevent you from lining a dishonest business owners pocket as septic problems are very expensive to repair and often the homeowner will feel hopeless and helpless as to what to do.  Don’t put yourself in that situation.

Just Remember:  A septic tank pump out is regular routine maintenance that every property owner with an onsite wastewater treatment system (septic system) should be doing.  Having to replace a system or having to pay for expensive repairs after an inspection is a whole new ball game and if your money is on the line you want to be 110% sure about your decision.

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