Septic Tank Filter Inspections Sidney, Saanich and Victoria

Septic Tank Filter Inspections

Your septic tank filter, also known as an "effluent filter" or "tank outlet filter", is a critical part of your septic system.  It's job is to protect your septic leach field, the most expensive part of your septic system.  The filter works to prevent solids from entering into your leach field, which can clog up the dispersal system and prevent your system from working correctly.  Having a filter in place can increase the longevity of your septic field.

Envirorush Septic is a vacuum truck company that specializes in pumping out septic tanks of all sizes.  We are based out of Saanichton and serve Greater Victoria, Langford, Colwood and the Saanich Peninsula.  Whether you need a septic tank pumped as part of your regular system maintenance, or because of a septic system emergency, Envirorush Septic can help!

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Do You Need To Use A Septic Tank Filter?

Yes!  If your septic tank has provisions for a filter to be installed you should be using one!  Your septic field is the most expensive part of your system and your filter is it's last line of defense against solids from entering the field.  Your filter is designed to catch these solids before they clog up your field.

Does Your Septic Tank Filter Need To Be Replaced?

If you have a filter installed already it likely doesn't need to be replaced, rather just cleaned out every 4-6 months.  If you do not have a filter currently then it's a good idea to have one installed.

How Often Should Your Septic Filter Be Cleaned?

Your septic tank filter should be inspected annually and cleaned as needed(recommended every 4-6 months).  Many homeowners don't even know their septic system has a filter, and as a result they can become clogged after years of neglect.  This can result in sewage backup, unpleasant odors, and other problems.

What Types Of Septic Tank Filters Are There?

There are two primary types of filters we see in most residential septic systems depending on what type of system you have.  If you don't know what type of system you have we will be able to tell you.  We carry and install replacement filters for each type of system.

Gravity Effluent Filters:  This type of septic tank filter is designed for use in a septic tank that relies on gravity flow from the tank into a leach field or other type of secondary treatment system.  We carry new filters on our trucks in a variety of sizes and can match up a filter to almost any septic system.  This is generally the most common type of filter we see.  To clean this type of filter you can simply open your tank lid, pull the filter out, and spray it off with a hose, then reinstall.

Pressure Effluent Filters:  Pressure filters are designed to be used in septic tanks with a submersible pump. The submersible pump pushes the waste water under pressure through the filter to a mound system or low pressure dosing system, or other type of pressurized secondary treatment system.

If you need to have your septic tank filter installed, cleaned, or replaced please call 778 587-6944 or fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you promptly to schedule a time to inspect your septic tank filter.